The Dog Masters TV Series

Dog Masters
A new, innovative dog series from the creator, writer, director, and producer of
Dog Whisperer


Emmy-award nominated writer, director, producer Jim Milio says “after creating Dog Whisperer and producing nine seasons of a globally successful show that sold in over 180 countries worldwide, I realized there is more I can do.

Today, dogs are not “just" pets. Our dogs have become treasured family members. We want to take them with us wherever we go and join us in whatever we do. Easier said than done. With the reality of life comes training issues and behavior challenges that require professional help. So, my wife Jeanette and I decided to create a new series, Dog Masters. Of course, Dog Masters deals with daily issues confronting dogs and their owners, some of which are life-threatening. But we also show dog lovers innovative and efficient training tips and how to include their four-legged family members into their everyday active lives with safety and ease.”

Jeanette & Jim Milio

Creators and Producers of

Dog Masters

Meet the
Dog Masters:
Laura & Alex

Renowned dog behaviorist experts Laura Nativo and Alex Rossi truly understand canines. They invite owners and our audience to view the world through a dog’s perspective. In the new television series Dog Masters, they offer specialized, creative, and innovative approaches to everyday canine challenges for dogs and their human families. Though their inspiring work, Laura & Alex demonstrate just how powerful the dog-human bonds can be. In addition to solving training challenges at home, our Dog Masters showcase how owners can train their dogs so they can take them almost anywhere - from local playgroups to family vacations - and experience a more rewarding relationship than they ever thought possible. In every episode, Laura and Alex feature innovative training methods, share the latest health tips, introduce new tools and helpful products, provide adoption advice, and of course....share innovative ideas to train puppies!

Laura, Alex and other pet experts on the show will share how you can enjoy the most fulfilling relationship possible during all phases of your canine’s life.

Dog Masters


Laura Nativo & Alexandre Rossi


Sharing a few stories you will see on the Dog Masters TV Series

Our dog masters Laura and Alex are meeti
Laura & Alex work with luxury travel correspondent and travel show host Laura Dunn 


Whenever luxury travel show host Laura Dunn has to leave to shoot the next episode of her luxury travel show, she is torn. She hates leaving her cute French bulldog Petunia at home, knowing she suffers from acute separation anxiety. Laura and Alex work with Laura and her four-legged furry friend to make sure the separation is no longer an issue for either of them.

On Dog Masters we demonstrate easy and effective methods to  deal with separation anxiety. 

New friends...Alex Rossi and Petunia


Escape artist & sock-swallowing Bentley


Tammy loves her dog, Bentley. What's not to love? This cuddly Golden-doodle is beyond adorable.

But Tammy had a serious issue: She 

is simply not able to control the excitable Bentley. He runs all over the house and refuses to listen. He  eat Tammy's socks and underwear, and even has chewed on...razor blades. Yes. Razor blades...

Laura and Alex arrive to solve this life-threatening issue, that can easily turn tragic for everyone.

What do you do when you can't control your dog, to a point where its life is endangered?

Watch Dog Masters to find out what you can do to keep your canine safe.





Bently working with Alex and Laura

Laura & Alex working with Lunging Seiba 

Seiba is a gorgeous white lab who lives in the beautiful hills of Malibu with his parents Ashley and Kai. Ashley and Kai enjoy love Sheba to bits but have to lock her away whenever friends come over. She jumps up relentlessly, so much so that that some might be pushed down to the ground. Sheba often turn aggressive toward visitors with dogs, which makes it hard for Ashley who runs her custom dog collar business out of their home.

Laura and Alex worked with Sheba a few times, because Seiba is not an easy fix. Are they able to resolve the issues?

Many dog owners face similar issue and are afraid of their dogs attacking humans or other dogs. See some great techniques in this story of Dog Masters

Ashley is devastated, sharing her canine issues with Laura


Fergus -- attacker of vacuums!



Fergus is the beloved family pet of the Garcia family.


But Fergus has a few annoying issues. He barks at anyone who comes near their house...and considering they have a lot of large windows, that means a lot of barking -- all day, every day!!


Fergus also attacks the vacuum cleaner every time Jody brings it out.


Alex and Laura show the Garcia's how to clean up the vacuum issue once and for all, and even demo how the Garcias are unknowingly reinforcing Fergus' worst behaviors.


Watch how you might be accidentally encouraging behaviors you don't want on this episode of Dog Masters.



The family is sharing their problem on camera 



Stay tuned as we share more s Dog Masters stories...soon