What's your story?

Common dog issues...


Common issues include a dog jumping up on visitors, begging at the table, pulling the leash too strongly, peeing inside the home, stealing food from the table, running away -- potentially even into a busy street, chewing everything from your shoes, to your furniture, barking excessively, showing aggressive behavior when you walk your dog and biting / attacking other dogs and/or humans. These issues happen to countless dog lovers, and they can be helped. Learn about it on our show and/or have us help you by inviting your story on our show. 


Feel free to contact us at TheDogMastersTv@gmail.com

Aggressive dogs


While common issues can be dangerous at times, it is often aggressive and fearful dogs that can cause serious harm to other dogs and humans, and to themselves. dealing with and avoiding dog aggression is something to be addressed right away and it is very important to act immediately. Feel free to let us know if your dog shows aggressive behavior. We are happy to help either on the show or arrange for a consultation with our Dog Master expert team. 

Feel free to contact us at TheDogMastersTv@gmail.com

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Unusual, quirky behaviors...


From the dogs that bark non-stop whenever anyone is in the pool to a dog that didn't want to step into an elevator, to the dog that sleeps in the husband and wife's bed, only to growl when either of them moves, or maybe not wanting to let either sleep in the bed.... We may think we've seen it all, but maybe not...we are looking for your quirky story as well.


 Feel free to let us know if your dog has a behavior that is unusual, and we'd be happy to fix it on our show, and/or put you in touch with our experts. 

Feel free to contact us at TheDogMastersTv@gmail.com