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Dog Masters

Laura Nativo

Laura has built a career as a well-known television personality, pet lifestyle expert, celebrity dog mom and professional dog trainer.

Laura Nativo is the most passionate person you’ll ever meet when it comes to dogs...whether it’s training them, traveling with them or treating them with all of the love and compassion they deserve, she has truly earned her title of “The Fairy Dogmother”.

She served 4 years as the resident pet expert on the Hallmark Channel Emmy- nominated TV series, Home & Family, and is also known for her appearances on The Greatest American Dog (CBS), Dog Park Superstars (GSN), Marie (Hallmark), The TODAY Show (NBC), E! Hollywood Dogs (E!), and the web series, Preston’s Planet Live and The Adventures of Laura and Preston.

Laura has also been featured in countless publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Entertainment Weekly, Animal Wellness, American Dog Magazine, Dog Fancy, and numerous online pet blogs.

In addition to her work on TV, Laura is a highly respected expert in dog training and behavior modification, studio trick training, and therapy dog preparation. She enjoys helping families find their perfect pet, teaches dog training workshops across the country and loves helping homeless pets develop better manners in order to improve their chances of finding a forever family.

All three of Laura’s dogs volunteer as therapy and education dogs.

In addition, Laura and her dog Preston have been honored at the Westminster Dog Show for their philanthropic endeavors with a Golden Paw Award for “Pet Star of the Year”.

Wherever Laura goes, her dogs travel with her. Laura’s motto is: “Home is where my dogs are.”

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alex rossi.jpg
Alexandre (Alex) Rossi
Animal behaviorist

Alex Rossi is an internationally recognized dog and animal behavior expert who started training animals at age 6.

Alex has written seven top-selling books on dog behavior and hosted his own TV series Pet Mission on the National Geographic Channel for four seasons, solving some of the most challenging dog behavior problems on this popular program.

After researching and learning animal behavior in his early years by working with a wide variety of different animals, Alex earned both an Animal Science degree and a master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis on animal behavior from the University of São Paulo. At the University of Queensland, Australia, he specialized in domestic animals.


He is currently completing a degree in veterinary medicine in Brazil.


Alex also founded and runs a well-known dog training and behavior company (Cao Cidadao), serving more than 1200 dogs per month.


As a scientist, Alex conducts research and has authored scientific articles like A Dog at the keyboard, published in Animal Cognition, that demonstrated and tested the competence of a dog trained to use a keyboard to ask for specific objects and activities.

Alex also shares his knowledge through his radio program and bi-monthly television appearances on the largest TV channel in Brazil. He also gives lectures all over the world, offering insight into animal behavior research and training methods.


His drive to impact lives on a daily basis led Alex to create a non-profit organization called Cao Terapeuta - Doctor Dog. Through this program, canines are brought to hospitals in Brazil to visit and provide comfort to patients.

Alex’s following is significant with more than three million social media followers ... and counting

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