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Dog Masters 

The dynamic new dog training show from the creator & producer of the number one dog series of all time, 

Dog Whisperer.

Renowned dog behavior experts Laura Nativo & Alex Rossi show you how to enjoy the most fulfilling relationship possible during all phases of your canine’s life.

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Dogs have become treasured family members for millions.

Our DOG MASTERS offer creative approaches to everyday challenges for dogs and their human families. From understanding how dogs see the world, to teaching dog lovers the practical skills to help beloved canine pals reach their optimal potential, we solve training challenges and show you how you can take your dog almost everywhere you go. 


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We feature innovative tips, training methods, the latest health tips, useful new products, and adoption advice. We also demonstrate how to enjoy the most fulfilling relationship possible during all phases of your canine’s life. Experience a more rewarding relationship with your dog and find out how just how powerful the dog-human bonds can be. 

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Dog Masters


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Each week we feature a new product recommended by our Dog Masters. These products can help you train your dog more easily and with a lasting impact, to make your life with your four-legged best friend more enjoyable no matter where you are. 


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Training Tip!

No jumping on people!

DOG MASTERS' show hosts Laura and Alex share a tip on how to teach your dog not to jump on people

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No matter what the dog issue is - Laura & Alex have the solution for every problem!

Dogs helped!

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Unique and innovative training methods provide lasting success for every dog and their owners.


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